Our Team

Matt Lewis


Co-founder, CEO

Mr. Lewis presently serves as CEO of HeadsIn. He is majoring in health and human physiology at the University of Iowa, also pursuing the certificate in entrepreneurial management. He brings a network of student-athletes and professional advisors to the business. 

Kyle Folken


Co-Founder, CTO

Mr. Folken uses his knowledge of Angular JavaScript and software development to serve as CTO. He is a mechanical engineering student at UI and is pursuing a certificate in technological entrepreneurship as well as minoring in Math. Mr. Folken brings a network of technical expertise and college of engineering resources to the business. 

Haley Jensen


Co-Founder, Health Promotion

Ms. Jensen uses her outgoing personality and health knowledge gained through her studies in health and human physiology to promote HeadsIn and aid in research. She brings a network of student-athletes and potential investors to the business. 

She is a certified Clinical Health Coach.

Nathan Althoff


Co-Founder, Exercise Scientist

 Mr. Althoff currently leads the research and customer discovery for HeadsIn. He is currently majoring in exercise science and provides clinical knowledge per his experience in the health field and mental health first aid certification.

Keith Chiavetta


Professional Advisor

Mr. Chiavetta is the Univ. of Iowa in-house-entrepreneur, and current president and CEO of Global Business Transformation Professionals. He has extensive experience in software related businesses which he gained through a long management career. He has worked at Rockwell Collins, Apple Computer, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, and Grant Thornton. He brings his expertise and a network of people with entrepreneurial experience to the business.